Humane Cat & Dog Euthanasia in New Glarus & Oregon, WI

Humane Cat & Dog Euthanasia in New Glarus & Oregon, WI

Euthanasia is a hard topic to talk about, but a necessary one. Humane euthanasia can free your pet from unnecessary suffering and allows them to pass with dignity. At Country View Veterinary Service, we understand what a difficult decision it is to say goodbye to a beloved companion. We offer humane cat and dog euthanasia both at our clinic and in the comfort of your home.

Your cat or dog cannot tell you when they’re ready to pass on, but there are some subtle ways to tell.

Assess your pet’s zest for life.

Do they enjoy doing the things they love, like going for walks, playing with a favorite toy or snuggling with you on the couch? If they struggle to do these things or are no longer interested in them, it could mean they have lost the desire to go on and may be ready to pass on.

Evaluate their appetite and drinking habits.

Do they still eat their regular food and enjoy treats? Are they drinking adequate amounts of water? If they still enjoy eating and drinking to their heart’s content, it’s likely that they are not under unnecessary stress or in pain.

Watch your pet’s movement.

Do they struggle to get up and down or have a hard time bending down to eat from their food bowl? Are they disinterested in the walks they used to love? Overtime, pain medications may not be enough to keep joint pain at bay and your pet could be living in pain.

Consider their behavior.

Has their personality diminished at all or are they still bright, cheerful and excited to seek out your company? If your pet is still acting like their old self, it’s a good sign they are enjoying their life.

If you find yourself answering negatively to many of these questions, please talk to us about positive palliative care options to relieve some pain and stress. You know your pet best of all, and while we can offer some guidance and medical advice, we cannot make the tough decision for you. Should your pet not improve with palliative care, it may be time to say goodbye.

When you decide it’s time to say goodbye, you can choose to either schedule a time to come into our clinic for the procedure, or we can come to your home. Either way, we make every effort to give you as much time as you need and make the process as smooth and stress-free for your pet as possible. For both in-clinic and at-home euthanasia, we’ll administer a sedative to keep your pet calm and at peace. Then, when you and your family are ready, we will administer the euthanasia. It works very quickly and your pet will not feel any pain. It’s a good idea to have after-care plans for your pet’s remains before the appointment to avoid any more stress for the day.

We frequently work with Memorial Pet Services in Madison, WI for after-care services. They provide pet cremation as well as urns to hold the ashes. They also offer several memorial items to remember your pet by such as clay paw prints, locks of fur, lawn markers, custom art, and more. We also work with the Arbor Foundation and can have a tree planted in your pet’s name.

Please feel free to ask us for any after-care advice or services. We greatly cherish the trust you give us in caring for your pet through life and to the end.

nose to nose with pet New Glarus,WI and Oregon, WI
giving cat a hug
nose to nose with pet New Glarus,WI and Oregon, WI
giving cat a hug