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Strengthen Your Bond with Your Pet Through Dog Training in Oregon, WI

Strengthen Your Bond with Your Pet Through Dog Training in Oregon, WI

Training your dog is one of the best things you can do to set them up for a healthy, happy life, and also enable you two to have a deep, meaningful relationship. Yet, dog training takes time and patience—lots of patience. And attempting training on your own can be a challenge! At Country View Veterinary Service, our standards of veterinary care focus on fueling the human-animal bond. That’s why we’re pleased to offer professional dog training classes at our Oregon, WI location!

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Our Dog Training Classes

Whether you have a brand-new puppy, an adult or a senior dog, we have a training class for you! Check out our dog training options and be sure to call the practice to enroll your pet in our next session!

Start your puppy off on the right paw with puppy preschool! This class is designed to introduce puppies to basic obedience training with lots of positive reinforcement and to help them with socialization. We’ll also be available to discuss any common behavior problems seen in puppies. This class is ideal for puppies ages eight weeks to four months old.

This class is the boot camp of training classes. We’ll work on perfecting the five basic commands of obedience: heel, sit, stay, down, and come. This class not only teaches you the methods of how to train your dog, but also why we do what we do! We’ll focus on leadership, body language, and how to communicate with your dog.

This 5-week course takes the basic obedience class to the next level. We combine intermediate/advanced obedience commands with a Canine Good Citizen preparation course. We’ll learn stand stay, front, finish come with a sit, as well as other commands that will be on the test. During the fifth week, you and your dog will take the Canine Good Citizen test. This is also a great prerequisite for Rally, Agility, or other advanced classes.

Ever wanted to teach your dog the fun stuff like roll over, wave goodbye, or turn off the lights with his nose? This class is for you! Tricks uses positive reinforcement in a fun, yet challenging environment, perfect for dogs of all ages and skill levels!

This is a summer-only course that will teach you how to safely navigate obstacles of the agility ring with your dog while burning some energy and having fun at the same time! Prerequisites include basic commands such as sit and come.

This summer-only course teaches the skills necessary for competitive rally obedience. The bond between dog and handler is strengthened through the mastery of advanced commands and learning how to run a rally course. Prerequisite commands include heel, sit, stay, lay down, heel, and come.

Board and Train is an intensive training program built around the needs and goals that your family has for your dog. Your dog will board with us for a certain amount of time and will participate in multiple daily training and positive behavioral modification sessions. They’ll also enjoy some socialization and group obedience classes where appropriate. Just as importantly, we’ll give you the tools you need to continue your dog’s training and progress at home!

Private classes are ideal for addressing problem behaviors in your home or for families who are not able to commit to a five-week session. You can schedule your private sessions either at our hospital, your home, the park, or wherever you and your dog prefer!

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Interested in one of our dog training classes or private training? Please call us at (608) 835-0551 to inquire about class schedules or to set up private training!

Our Dog Trainers in Oregon, WI

Our Dog Trainers in Oregon, WI



Rex began his career in dog training in 2011 when he attended Starmark Academy School for Dog Trainers and received his credentials as a Certified Animal Behaviorist. After school, Rex went on to train Narcotics and Explosives dogs as well as compete in sports such as Schutzhund, Disc, and Agility. Rex has a passion for helping clients understand their dogs and achieve the goals they set forth for their furry friends!



Kelsey began training in 2016 with a focus in rehabilitation for shy, anxious, and aggressive dogs. She began the foster program for ReflexxK9 to help shelter dogs with behavioral issues get adopted quicker. She also enjoys teaching clicker training, running group classes, and evaluating Canine Good Citizen tests to ultimately ensure every dog can be a good citizen!