Pet Surgery

Surgery is only offered at our location in Oregon, WI.

Improving Quality of Life with Cat & Dog Surgery in Oregon, WI

Surgery for dogs and cats is very common; most pets will have their first surgery as puppies and kittens for their spay/neuter procedure. Many will also experience surgery later in life to correct certain problems that develop from injury, disease, or even just old age.

At Country View Veterinary Service, we understand that surgery can be a scary prospect for you and your pet, so we’re here to alleviate any anxiety. As an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, we operate with the highest safety standards in the industry, meaning your pet experiences a stress-free procedure and smooth recovery. Surgery is only offered at our location in Oregon, WI.

Pet Surgeries We Perform

At our animal hospital in Oregon, WI, our veterinarians are skilled at performing soft tissue and orthopedic procedures, as well as endoscopic procedures. Some of the more common surgeries we perform include:

Soft Tissue Procedures
Soft tissue procedures involve the organs, muscles, and abdomen. Common surgeries include:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Mass removals
  • Foreign body removals
  • Basic eye surgeries
  • Bladder stone removal
Orthopedic Procedures
Orthopedic procedures involve the bones and joints. We perform some of these surgeries ourselves, yet, for more complex surgeries, we enlist the help of a traveling surgeon. Common orthopedics we perform include:

  • Fracture repairs
  • Patellar luxation correction
Endoscopic Procedures
Endoscopic procedures use either a rigid or flexible endoscope, which has a tiny light and camera at the end of it to help the veterinarian visualize the surgical area. These surgeries are far less invasive and help your pet have a smoother recovery. Some of the endoscopic procedures we perform include:

  • Laparoscopic spays
  • Gastropexy
  • Foreign body removal
  • Rhinoscopies (nasal surgery)
  • Exploratory procedures
  • Abdominal surgeries

Making Safety A Priority for All Our Cat and Dog Surgeries

It’s natural to have concerns about your pet’s surgery. Yet, by bringing them to an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, you’ve already given them the best chance at a speedy, uncomplicated recovery. Here are some of the safety measures we take with every procedure:

Pre-anesthetic exam and blood work
This first step is crucial for ensuring your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgery. We’ll check the health of their kidneys and liver, which play an essential role in metabolizing the anesthesia.

IV catheter placement
The catheter supplies your cat or dog with needed fluids to help them stay hydrated and regulate their blood pressure.

Vitals monitoring
Our advanced equipment monitors your pet’s heart rate and rhythm, pulse oximetry, respiration rate, and more. If we notice any changes, we can take immediate action to stabilize your pet.

Dedicated technician
A veterinary technician is with your pet, monitoring their progress from the very start of anesthesia through their recovery.

Pain management
In cats and dogs, pain isn’t just uncomfortable; it causes stress that can slow the healing process. That’s why we administer pain medications before, during, and after surgery, so your pet wakes with minimal discomfort or stress.

Have questions about our surgical options or safety protocols? Please contact us at our Oregon, WI location for more information!

Prolonging Well-Being with Spay and Neuter Services in Oregon, WI

Spay and neuter surgery is an important step in your pet’s first year of life. It sets your puppy or kitten up for a healthier, happier life with you. Beyond preventing unwanted litter, the surgery offers numerous health benefits for your pet including reduced risk of developing certain cancers. Furthermore, by reducing the number of unwanted litters, you play an important role in decreasing the stray pet population.

We offer safe, effective spay and neuter surgeries for puppies and kittens only at our Oregon, WI location. Due to the skills of our veterinarians, we’re able to use a laparoscope for spays, which is far less invasive and offers pets a faster recovery.

What is Spay/Neuter Surgery & Why is It Important?

Spay and neuter surgery refers to the removal of your pet’s reproductive organs, namely the testicles of males and the ovaries and uterus of females. These organs are instrumental in producing reproductive hormones that rule your pet’s life and make them less focused on you and your family and more focused on their instinct to reproduce. Intact cats and dogs can get into a lot of trouble—they may be more aggressive; they are prone to more escapes in their efforts to find a mate; and female heat cycles are frustrating for pet and owner alike.

Furthermore, reproductive hormones contribute to the development of certain cancers including testicular cancer, ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancers, as well as mammary gland tumors, which are often fatal in female cats and dogs.

What are the Benefits of Spay and Neuter Surgery?
Surgery helps reduce the risks outlined above as well as contribute to a better-behaved pet. Benefits include:

  • Less desire to roam to find a mate, which means fewer escapes that could put your pet in harm’s way
  • Reduced aggression in neutered dogs and cats
  • Less inclination for urine spraying and mounting behaviors in neutered cats and dogs
  • No heat cycles in spayed dogs and cats
  • Eliminated risk of testicular cancer in neutered pets
  • Eliminated risk of pyometra, along with uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancers in spayed pets
  • Significantly reduced risk of mammary gland tumors in spayed cats and dogs

We usually recommend surgery at about 6 months of age for most pets, yet some, such as large breed dogs, benefit from a later surgery. We’ll work with you to find the best timing for surgery so your pet experiences the most benefits.

We also offer the following:

  • Soft tissue
  • Orthopedics
  • Endoscopies
  • Laparoscopic

Still, have questions about the benefits of spay and neuter surgery? Reach out to us at our Oregon, WI location at 608-835-0551, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your pet’s options.

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