Pet Vaccinations

The use of vaccines is essential to preventative medicine.

Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Oregon, WI

Vaccinations are a critical part of your pet’s preventive care plan. They protect cats and dogs from dangerous diseases that can take a toll on their health. Some can even be fatal. With routine vaccines, cats and dogs can live healthier, happier, more carefree lives. At Country View Veterinary Service of New Glarus, WI, we provide personalized cat and dog vaccinations to fit your pet’s specific needs based on their lifestyle.

Pet Vaccinations We Offer

As an AAHA-accredited animal hospital and a Cat-Friendly Practice, we adhere to the industry’s highest standards in vaccination protocol. As such, we take time to truly get to know your cat or dog and their lifestyle so we can recommend a customized vaccination plan. Your pet will start on a vaccination series as a puppy or kitten to boost its immune system. After their initial series, they’ll receive vaccines on an annual or triennial basis, depending on the vaccine.

Here is a list of the vaccines we offer and when we may recommend them:

Dog Vaccinations
  • Rabies (3-year vaccine) – required by law for every dog in the state of Wisconsin
  • DHPP (3-year vaccine) – highly recommended for every dog
  • Leptospirosis (annual vaccine) – highly recommended for all dogs due to the prevalence of this disease in our area
  • Lyme disease – recommended for dogs who are often outdoors, especially in woods, fields, parks, or rural neighborhoods where wildlife may bring ticks into the yard
  • Bordetella (6-month or annual vaccine) – recommended for dogs who are boarded, groomed, or are otherwise in social situations (dog parks, group training, etc.)
  • Canine influenza (annual vaccine) – recommended in the same way as Bordetella
Cat Vaccinations
  • Rabies (annual vaccine) – required by law for every cat in the state of Wisconsin
  • FVRCP (3-year vaccine) – highly recommended for all cats
  • Feline leukemia (annual vaccine) – recommended for cats who go outdoors or who are otherwise at risk of exposure to other cats

Are There Any Side Effects from Cat and Dog Vaccines?

Side effects from vaccines are uncommon. If any do occur, they are usually minor and may include soreness at the injection site or lethargy. Allergic reactions from vaccines have been observed in some pets, but they are very rare.

Overall, cat and dog vaccinations are very safe, and the protection they offer your pet from dangerous diseases far outweighs any risk. Yet, to further minimize any risk, our veterinarians take a personalized vaccine approach with every pet to ensure they only receive the vaccines they truly need.

Have any other questions or concerns about vaccinations? Please reach out to us in Oregon at (608) 835-0551, and we’ll be happy to help.

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